Wasson Engineering Plastics Pty Ltd is owned by 4 toolmakers who have progressively moved from toolmaking and General Engineering into 100% Plastic Injection Moulding. The 40 or so years of toolmaking and innovative Injection Moulding have created a company that manage any project or any product. Whether it be managing a plastic moulding project using overseas toolmakers or locally based toolmakers, our management is more capable than any other company to deal with these complex plastic moulding projects. As well as the 4 owners there is a new team of managers helping to grow and progress the company with the latest technology and practices. Our experience and new management makes us more capable for your Plastic Injection Moulding Project.


When it comes to Plastic Injection Moulding, our machines range from 40 ton up to 2500 ton. Our machines can process Items as small as 3 gram mouldings or up 25kg mouldings. Currently we run a 16 hour per day shift 5 days/week which means we have plenty of capacity for new products or large orders. Many of our machines have robots which are essential for Plastic Injection Moulding in this modern competitive age.


Wasson’s can process materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate and acetyl and are moving swiftly ahead with Metal Replacement Technology.

Any colour can be moulded and with fillers such as glass fibre, mineral or talc filler. Sometimes the material required to get the exact performance for Plastic Moulding is not an “off the shelf” material so we have the experience and the willingness to trial and test materials to help the customer achieve the desired results.