I have known Wasson Engineering Plastics in a working capacity for over 20 years, as they manufacture components our company uses in our own manufacture of Shelving and Bar Equipment. Their products are of the highest quality and standard.

I would recommend Wasson’s in a heartbeat if you were looking for existing products they make or a product they don’t make, if its plastic products you need go to Wasson’s as they would happily discuss Project designs and find an answer to your enquiry.

Wasson’s are a family owned and run business, and in a personal capacity, I feel so thankful to even know this family for all these years. They are always kind, generous and helpful in every way and can also have a laugh and make you feel really liked and accepted into their fold. The staff at Wasson’s have followed their lead in being kind, helpful, proficient, and professional, and it’s always a pleasure to speak with any one of the family or staff at any time.